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Using the Cloud Right to Benefit Your Business

October 3rd, 2016

cloud-businessBy now, it is likely sounding like a broken record: cloud computing, changing the face of business, technology expansion affecting traditional methods of doing business, etc. Before you yawn, remember that constant change means the constant need to stay ‘in the know’.

The pros and cons for small vs. big business are different- learn to cater the technology to your business for best results.

The most attractive quality for small business owners would be the ability to lower costs. Moving to the cloud means utilizing all your hardware and increasing its value. Going virtual also lowers IT costs, power bills, support costs, upgrades, installation fees, and more.

Virtual also means flexibility and remote working capabilities.

Moving forward means a fluctuating model for what best working conditions may be.

The ability to have work completed remotely opens doors, encourages unique (otherwise potentially impossible) collaborations, and allows a conducive work environment to all employees.

Mobility- it’s part of who we are today- the cloud allows access from anywhere, anytime, and that is today’s gold standard of business.

With the cloud, backing up your system has never been easier. Natural disasters, system failures, viruses, and hackers- the threats are more imminent than ever.

Auto-updating and off-site storage systems are the major selling points with the cloud.

One of the most pertinent benefits pertaining to small businesses is the clouds ability to facilitate and function through the growth process.

Its fully capable of scalability allows you to start small, utilizing the few functions you may require, thus keeping cost and effort minimal.

As you grow, the clouds capabilities and options grow as well, maintaining only what you need – when you need it.

At this stage in the game, the pros far outweigh the cons and most small business owners should be ready to consider the cloud as a viable management strategy.