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Using Online Surveys to Target Your Customers

August 15th, 2018

customer-surveyCreating and utilizing specialized online surveys can provide intricate insight into the mind of your customer, and with the right message and crafted content, they can be a deep well of consumer information.

There are two general challenges to online surveys: getting the RIGHT people to respond, and gathering enough data (respondents) to actually compile meaningful data.

With online options galore, both of these challenges can be easily mitigated, usually for low to no cost to your business.

Firstly, let’s identify the five best uses of surveys, within the small business realm:

  1. Customer follow-ups. Immediately following a purchase, a survey (included with receipt or invoice) can shed light on the sales and purchasing process, as well as offer a space for clients to share thoughts and ideas on improvement or highlight strengths.
  2. Market/Trend analysis. At all stages of your business operations, a deep understanding of your market- its peaks and valleys, strengths and weakness- is essential. Surveys can be utilized at beginning, middle and end stages of any business operation to assess your reliability and relationship to the market.
  3. Performance and operations management. Track your operations by inquiring with customers about their interactions with your company. Encourage a dialogue on improvement; be sure to ask about the strengths and the weaknesses. Surveys are a great way to breed an honest answer!
  4. Develop stronger relationships with customers. With a survey, you can easily and quickly find out more about your clients and desired customers. Find out what they like, how they seek information, where they are spending money, what makes them buy! The possibilities here are endless.
  5. Decision-making. Create an interactive atmosphere by bringing some small decisions to the public. Post new logo ideas, garner feedback on your image and consider tweaking things to reflect the public’s opinion. A survey is a great forum for interactivity.


Surveys allow you to constantly be engaging with your customers. As we know, engaging content is what keeps people interactive on your web page or social media sites, and what will ultimately keep them coming back.

Also be clear, ask open-ended questions to encourage feedback and consider offering discount coupons or some form of incentive to entice customers to participate.

Remember, time is money, and keeping your survey’s short and directive is best- never ask your client to spend more than 5-7 minutes filling our your survey. Respect their time, they will likely provide more meaningful responses.

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