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Taking Back Time

October 10th, 2017

teambuildingEmbarking on the journey as a small business owner may often feel like a one-person job. By building the best team possible, you may start to alleviate that stress and free up some valuable time.

Building the team can feel a bit like a game of Tetris- the key is to find how they all fit together to build the most secure structure.

When building your team:

  • Identify the areas where you need the most support. This could be an area where you are overwhelmed or lack essential skills. Start filling these areas first. Feel good about product development but know nothing about accounting? Fill the void.
  • Clarify roles. Clearly identifying what needs to be done, defining what skills are necessary and determining where and how to look for the right pieces to the puzzle works best.
  • Hire only when you need to. It is tempting to add to your team as the business grows, but consider the investment in time, commitment and resources each additional hire requires.
  •  Be prepared to sell your business vision to potential team members. Great teams are fuelled by passion, and not necessarily the desire for a bigger paycheck.
  • During the hiring process, always trust your gut. Your team member should not be a clone – diversity works best – but they will ultimately need to be a good fit for your organization.


Once you have a team in place it is your responsibility to ensure that they remain committed and motivated. Team synergy is vital to ensure the best chances of success.

Consistently build your team based on a cultural fit, not just on qualification. Engage employees on a deeper level to learn about their personal and professional goals and work toward helping them achieve them.

There is nothing worse than getting stuck in the constant loop of hiring and firing – it’s exhausting and demoralizing. Constant encouragement and motivation will help encourage long-term dedication.

If you want your team to be effective, set clear expectations. They want to succeed, but they need to clearly understand the goals.

With your team in place, it is time to start delegating. That was, after all, the whole point! As the business owner, delegation is not about passing the buck and it’s not about abandoning accountability.