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July 13th, 2016

Some Thoughts on Procrastination

Brenda Kelm, CPA, CGA, CA, business advisor    Brenda_E5Q8839

How to delay the inevitable

I’ve been putting off writing a blog this month for days (well, okay, weeks). And, I’m sorry to say, it’s not a rare occurrence. So what better topic to choose than procrastination?

What is procrastination? Is it something we are born with or do we learn it unconsciously as we grow up? And, if so, can we unlearn it?

I think we’re all guilty of procrastination at times, even if there are consequences to ourselves and others. I remember when I was in school, cleaning the house saved me from completing an assignment on time more than once. (I had a very clean house back then.)

Modern technology – help or hindrance?

Email and Facebook are great tools for procrastinating. Think of the millions of people who would be more productive if they just put their phone in a drawer. A diversion of new mail is all I need not to finish this blog. Yet, it’s not like I don’t like writing a blog.

An online search for “how to stop procrastinating” says to make a to-do list. Yes, but can you believe everything you read on the Internet? I’ll make a list tomorrow and see if it works.

Another solution suggests cognitive therapy . . . sounds like a solid backup plan.

Possible procedures for perennial procrastinators

At the risk of sounding like I have a procrastination problem (or the answers), here are some tricks that help me get things done.

  • Don’t list big things on the to-do list. Just put ‘Step 1’ in front of the big thing on the list. I find that once I get that done I’ll get on a roll and finish the whole task. Sometimes, it’s getting started that is the hard part.
  • Focus by getting rid of distractions. This might include turning off the email, closing the door or wearing earplugs.
  • Chances are you don’t need as much time as you think you do for a task. Thinking that you need a big block of time to do a particular thing just gives you permission to put it off. A true procrastinator will never get that needed block of time.


I think the best trick of all is to “just do it and be done with it”!

Have any tips to combat procrastination? Please share them with the rest of us! (We’ll be waiting . . . )

Brenda Kelm is a Chartered Professional Accountant, business advisor and a partner with Presley & Partners, CPAs and Business Advisors, in Courtenay, BC. She can be reached at 250.338.1394 or