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Six 2018 Trends in Human Resources

May 29th, 2018

trendsIn no particular order, here are a few worth considering for this year:

Chatbots. We mentioned this in the previous article, but to touch on them further, these automated bots are going to start replacing some of the most mundane (yet vitally important) HR tasks. We don’t want to talk replacement of people, but sometimes an autobot is a better way to address specific issues, to manage trainings or to handle paperwork and housecleaning type tasks.

Remote working continues to be a trend, though along with this is what some are calling BYOE- bring your own everything. This HR trend is based on assigning responsibility, power and accountability back to the individual. Customize each employee’s experience as little or as much as they want to in order to really tap into their enhanced motivation and productivity.

Paid leave trends. On one hand, it will make for happier, hopefully healthier and more productive employees. It will also remind about the importance of installing back – up’s, and creating foolproof systems for when one employee is out.

The gig economy is wrestling its way into the mainstream. People are no longer satisfied with steady, consistent (read:boring) jobs that don’t offer creativity, flexibility and diversity. It’s a preferred trend in 2018 to collect multiple jobs to keep things fluid, rather than be stuck at one, so keep that in mind when considering whether to hire or to contract out.

One very human trend in HR this year is the addressing and discussing of previously thought “taboo issues”. In the midst of #meToo and the many other socially charged events, employers are encouraging HR to open the conversation, attempting to address issues before they become problems.

Up-skilling attempts to close the ‘skills gap’ due to the multigenerational workforce. Both internally and externally, employers should expect to start skills training and beefing up their workers knowledge whenever possible. Focus your HR goals on cultivating a culture of constant development and utilize some resources on the incoming generation of workers, find a way to connect with them before they enter the job arena.

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