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Signs You Have Outgrown Your POS

April 12th, 2019

When your small business starts to grow, the kinks and quirks that were part of your daily routine start to snowball and create bigger problems. Growing pains are a real issue with business growth, in particular when it comes to technology.

As a small business your point of sale system is imperative to operations- there will likely come a point where you need to consider updating to fulfil your new needs.

So how do you know you have outgrown your POS? Here are five things to look out for when approaching the tipping point:

Operations are suffering. This one seems obvious, no? Though in a growth spurt sometimes we feel that the pressures of demand are par for the course, without really addressing where the real problem is. The problem is often the point of sale system no longer being able to meet your demands. If things feel rocky, consider a change in system.

Inventory is a nightmare. If your stock supplies are feeling out of control- sales are up, inventory is down, or things feel unmanageable, its time for an upgrade. This one should be pretty recognizable- when supply cannot meet demand- you’ve outgrown your system!

Your marketing feels messy. Feel like you’ve lost your direction when it comes to marketing? An upgraded POS can help you realign your goals and keep you on track with your marketing needs- the newer systems can do everything from track KPI’s to outline campaigns, assign and manage tasks and more.

Integration seems impossible. Often when you are growing your small business you take on several products to get you where you need to go. Once you hit a certain point though, the management of those many platforms can seem impossible. If you cannot seamlessly integrate all your platforms- its time for an upgrade. Newer POS systems are designed to allow for integration and will save you hours of angst.

Your customer service is lacking. Perhaps back when you first opened your doors a simple phone number to the company was enough, but in today’s market you need multiple channels to keep your customers happy. If your POS doesn’t offer live chat options, real people options and instructional/educational materials on your products and services, its time for an upgrade!

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