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Wealth Management

Active, expert management of your resources for long-term growth.

You’ve worked hard to accumulate the assets you have and you want to make wise long-term investment decisions to help them grow. You’re interested in diversifying from standard portfolio profiles and considering other investments such as real estate – rentals or property development in particular. You need investment assistance and advice from someone with deep understanding, a wealth of experience and exceptional expertise in the sector.

Presley & Partners offers you one on one advice based on intense experience with buying and administering real properties. Our advisors can help you enter the property investment business and advise you through real estate purchases and sales. Helping clients make good long-term investments in all phases of property development is what we do, all over British Columbia.

We’ve helped clients succeed in such areas as developing subdivisions, residential and commercial construction and real property leasing. On the administration side of things, Presley & Partners can assist you with accounting systems and services and looking after the administrative details. The firm also has a high level of expertise and experience with real estate financing and refinancing, property syndication and joint venturing of property development.

  • Buying and selling investments
  • Investment diversification
  • Return on investment (ROI) measurement
  • Buying and managing real properties

We’d love to talk with you about maximizing your resources through real estate. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you get started.