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Cash Flow Planning

Helping You Plan for the Ebbs and Flows 

When it comes to running a business on a day-to-day basis, if you don’t have positive cash flow, you may not be around for much longer. It is the lifeblood of any business and keeping your finger on its pulse is vital for success. But for many businesses, particularly those that are cyclical in nature, managing cash flow can be a real challenge.

Your cash flow is basically the money that comes in and out of your business. At Presley & Partners, we can analyze your cash flow to point out areas for improvement. We will also review your expenses to see how and when your cash needs occur. These historical statements are a great way for you to gain a solid understanding of where your money comes from and where it typically goes.

Based on those observations, we can help you create short- and long-term projections and develop a capital strategy that will meet your business needs. Are your customers often slow to pay? We can help you with collection acceleration techniques that will improve the time it takes for you to receive the money you are due. Are there certain times of year where you have excess money and others where you tend to run low? We can help you allocate your cash more effectively, or apply for a line of credit, so you have plenty during the leaner times of the year and avoid cash crunches. Is your cash flow taking a hit due to poor inventory management? We can help you make the necessary adjustments to decrease the amount of money tied up in this manner.

Monitoring and managing your cash flow is vitally important for any business. Let us help you head off any unexpected financial hiccups by carefully analyzing it and planning for the future.