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Succession Planning

Preparing for the future of your business starts today

Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” In many cases, this is indeed true. It is easy to postpone things like succession planning in the flurry of daily activities that it takes to run a successful business. And it can be completely overwhelming to think about the long list of decisions and people you need to include to plan a smooth leadership transition. We are here to help.

Like nearly any big financial decision, it is important to start early. The future of your business isn’t something to take lightly, and rarely is it something that “just falls into place.” It takes time to create a strategy, establish a timeline and determine what needs to be done prior to your departure.

Do you want to pass your business on to the next generation or to your existing partners? We can help you prepare these future owners to take on the added responsibility and explain the financial impact of each option so you can make informed decisions. Are you hoping to sell one day? We can advise you on any changes you need to make so your business is positioned to sell for its maximum value. Do you expect your business to fund your retirement? We can help you create an estate plan that will allow your business to continue to prosper while at the same time providing you with a comfortable retirement.

We can help you look at the big picture, but also determine and execute the tactical steps that you need to make before you move into retirement. Succession planning can be fraught with uncomfortable discussions and unforeseen challenges; let us provide the objectivity you need and prepare you each step along the way.