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Selling in the Digital Age – Back to the Basics

January 22nd, 2018

SellingWebsite built? Check. Social Media campaigns launched? Check. Marketing online? Check. So now what? Perhaps it’s time to take the next step, and begin selling online!

Step 1: Get prepared. You will need to select ecommerce software or a service to run your site. When considering your options, ask yourself, do you have the technical know-how to manage things on your own? If not, go with one of the more interactive hosting options, in which the host handles all technical intricacies.

Feeling savvy enough to run this show alone? The second option is to build your own ecommerce site, from scratch. The most important choice at this stage will be which online transaction software (otherwise known as Shopping Cart Software) will work best for your business.

Explore options- there are a lot out there. Read the reviews posted by other similar businesses to gather the most accurate information.

Step 2: Research payment options. While most Shopping Cart Software will incorporate payment options, and hosted services will guide you in a certain direction, it is important to know there is a lot of choice at this stage as well.

Merchant options vary, though the majority of payments will be made via credit card, so again, conduct due diligence when choosing this very important feature.

Step 3: Ensure the safety of your customers and yourself. The major objection both merchants and consumers have towards ecommerce is the prospect of sending data into cyberspace, opening up dangerous channels or information sharing.

However, there are plenty of things merchants can do to protect their consumers. The most common ways today are through the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TSL) portals. These act as encryption tools that will protect and secure information being shared through your site.

With these technical aspects taken care of, start thinking about the best techniques you can employ to encourage online purchasing.

Send out free samples to a portion of your most influential, targeted audience. Bloggers, reviewers, and journalists- they are integral (and free!) in driving traffic to your site.

Host an event, create blog content, stage a PR stunt, publish a press release, run surveys, consider affiliate marketing- the list goes on. There are hundreds of ways to beef up an ecommerce launch, utilize as many as possible. The launch often dictates the long-term success you may find in selling online.