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Revisit Your Visual Indentity

July 31st, 2019

The idea of “digital Darwinism” is hardly a new concept, but it is increasingly more and more true when it comes to small business and survival. Its time to thrive and survive or fizzle and …

Much like a business plan or marketing strategy, brand identity and visuals are fluid and should be revisited often. These are NOT stagnant and rigid policies, but must be adapted and adjusted to suit different needs at different times in a business’s lifetime.

Feeling overwhelmed by this task? Start with a simple three step Style Guide:

1. Identity

2. Personality

3. Authenticity

These three areas should encompass how things look (and how they should not), where they should appear (colors, B/W), and a look and feel that is consistent.

Write out a list of personality traits and always refer back to them in your visuals.

Believability and trust are number one factors in a consumer’s decision to buy and these concepts start with your visuals.

One suggestion to keep authenticity in check is to write a list of DO NOT COMPROMISE clauses- things you will not sway on- things that create the foundation of your brand.

Quick interjection here to make sure we understand the difference between branding and marketing. Branding is the reputation, how your business makes a customer feel, what they think based on what you put forth.

Marketing is the systematic effort to touch, connect with and engage the customer.

Another important note: it’s NEVER too late to consider your branding and visual identity. Even if its something that never quite made it to the top of the to-do list, take advantage of a slow period and revisit the three points above, creating a quick Style Guide.

Now that you have the overarching concepts nailed down, take the time to fine tune the key elements of your plan. For example, take a look at your social media platforms and ensure that your visual identity is consistent everywhere you are leaving a digital footprint.

Don’t forget to consider your offline marketing strategies, your “who we are” section (think: professional headshots, team photos, etc.) and consider using surveys to clock your progress while formulating your identity.

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