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April 17th, 2019

Common Financial Guidelines for Planning Your Retirement

Preparing for retirement can be a very stressful experience, with so many factors that you need to consider. How much money will I need to maintain my standard of living? How much will I want to travel? How long will…

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April 12th, 2019

Signs You Have Outgrown Your POS

When your small business starts to grow, the kinks and quirks that were part of your daily routine start to snowball and create bigger problems. Growing pains are a real issue with business growth, in particular when it comes to…

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April 9th, 2019

Strategies to Help Businesses Comply With Canadian Privacy Laws

Privacy and data security are becoming an area of significant concern for both businesses and individuals. It is important you understand the laws and your obligations in this area to reduce and mitigate risks. Overview of the Privacy Regime in…

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April 3rd, 2019

The SCARF Model: Brain-Based Ideas for Collaborating With Others

In 2008, after interviewing researchers in neuroscience and psychology, Dr. David Rock summarized his findings in a model of behaviour based on three basic principles: people treat emotional or social threats with the same level of intensity as physical threats…

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March 28th, 2019

Creating a More Productive Workspace – Creatively

One size fits all is no longer the modus operandi in the business world- the trend du jour is creativity: the more innovative and unique, the better!  Gone are the spaces filled with monotony and sterile environments- so let’s bring…

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March 26th, 2019

Experts Weigh In – Is FB or Instagram better for SMB?

Time for a decision, people! That’s right, time to answer that new-age small business inquiry: which one works best, Facebook or Instagram? Many entrepreneurs wear more hats than they can keep track of and as we constantly strive to cut…

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March 21st, 2019

Will I or Won’t I?

You’ve met with your lawyer and drafted your last will and testament. Congratulations – you are doing better than half of your fellow Canadians! But drafting your will should never be a “one and done” exercise. It’s generally best practice…

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March 19th, 2019

Promoting Healthy Competition

Ah, the proverbial double-edged sword that is a competitive work place! Done right, a healthy competitive nature boosts productivity, motivates team members and injects energy into a project. Done wrong, competition can breed jealousy, backstabbing and a “me myself and…

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March 14th, 2019

Partner Spotlight

One for the books: Presley & Partner’s newest partner reflects on his first year Mike Bannerman, Partner, CPA, CA Mike Bannerman may be the firm’s newest partner, but you’ll find he has a familiar face. Mike joined the Presley & Partners…

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March 13th, 2019

Importance of Improving Diversity in the Workplace

If there ever was the ‘right’ time to pay attention to social trends- it’s now. With the growing influence of the “Me Too” movement and the increasing awareness that younger generations are placing on diversity, small businesses should definitely lean…

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