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Mobile Commerce – How It Affects Your Business?

May 30th, 2016

mobilecommerceMost analysts’ agree- mobile commerce is officially NOT a fad.

It is here to stay and very well could eventually replace traditional commerce.

We don’t simply mean shopping trends- retail will not become obsolete. It’s how people are shopping for the information regarding retail, utilizing mobile data to research purchases, compare options, find locations, read reviews, share experiences.

It is widely agreed that mobile commerce is enhancing the purchasing experience, not detracting from it. As stated above, it’s not all about where the purchase is being made at the end of the day.

As a society, we are making more informed buying decisions, and this trend builds alongside the constant flow of current and readily available information, all at the touch of a screen.

Would you drive to three different stores to compare prices when you can quickly run a search on your phone, locate the closest, lowest-cost option and read the reviews, within minutes? Likely not. This is the mentality of today’s consumer.

A lot of discussion today compares the mobilization of website vs. app. The skinny? Stick with optimizing your website for mobile and skip the app process.

There are huge giants of the consumer world owning the app world- don’t try and compete, invest resources into the website, your customers will appreciate the simplicity.

There are fascinating new trends in information gathering attached to the booming mobile commerce industry. One such trend to be seen more in 2016 is the iBeacon.

iBeacons are situated in stores, and are designed to communicate with shopper’s mobile devices using Bluetooth. Not only can the store cater directly to the shopper’s needs and cultivate a one-of-a-kind experience, but this is an integral form of data collection that will enhance their marketing strategies.

Four specific areas small businesses can apply mobilization?

  • Mobile shopping/purchasing options
  • Video content development
  • Social media advertising
  • Digital coupons/sale techniques


Taking a step back, iBeacons may not be the next step for small business owners. But their development highlights the grave importance of accepting and integrating mobile commerce into your business plan.