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Merging the Online and Offline Customer Experience

June 5th, 2018

After years of being told the internet would replace everything- studies show that traditional mediums of customer interaction are holding strong and demanding to be seen.

As one source says “…business owners and markets must avoid the trap of binary thinking”. That’s right- its no longer black and white- its gray… and even then its many shades of gray!

When strategizing your customer experience – make it two-pronged: online and offline. Its no longer sufficient to do one or the other – people are merging the two like never before, blurring the lines and challenging small business to step up to the plate and compete.

One of the biggest offline vs. online debates is the use of television watching (classically offline) and the use of internet watching (online). While just a few short years back it may have been best practice to nail down your demographic and their preferences and target marketing dollars based on the info.

We are no longer led by the simple ‘this or that’ mentality – we have embraced the choice that comes with offline and online and business owners must cater their marketing plans to reflect this diversity.

Another great example of the offline vs. the online is radio (listening to actual FM/AM stations is offline) and streaming services (listening via apps like Pandora, Spotify, Itunes and radio apps is online).

The average listener is switching back and forth – perhaps several times in a day. If you simply mount your message on the one platform, you are missing out of vital advertising pockets, as well as lowering retention rates.

Lastly, we point out another obvious pairing – digital services vs. print media. While some speculate that print struggled in the recent years as the behemoth internet slowly encompassed content, but, years later – its still here!

Studies show that consumers are still buying print publications – these provide an experience that digital media simply has not found a way to replace. In order to effectively deliver to the consumer, its essential to craft messages that not only read in print, but can cross over into digital content as well.

In a nutshell; there is no more one or the other in preferred customer experiences. If the consumer is blurring the lines, then the business owner must do the same in order to stay relevant.

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