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Marketing in the Off Season

July 17th, 2019

Whether YOUR business is seasonal or not, some of your clients or vendors may be and understanding their strategies and patterns can have a positive effect on your business- read on for ten simple ways to market in the off-season:

Own it and offer up! An off-season offer can help keep customers returning.

Embrace the pace. Take the slow down as a vital opportunity to play catch up and get organized and ready for the uptick later in the year.

Reinvest in past relationships. Dig through the old books and reignite some lapsed business by targeting customized offers to previous clients.

Tweak your message but keep on advertising. Perhaps play on the recognition of the slowed sales season and instead carefully craft messages that will remind clients and linger with them through the lull.

Net a new network. Take the time you often cannot find in the busy season to join some local business groups, attend chamber events, form partnerships and engage with your community.

Fish for compliments! Develop a customer feedback program and utilize energy and time to really formulate feedback that can be used to make changes to your services/products.

Be a real people person. Again, with extra time, you can tackle things that seemed impossible when you were slammed. Make personal thank you notes or phone calls, attend or host an event, write an article guest blog post; revitalize your relevance.

Seek out ideas for ‘shoulder seasons’. These are designed to piggyback off the success of a high season and typically happen in the before or after stages of peak periods.

Be prepared for the off-season slowdown by managing cash flow and payments year round. One such suggestion is offering payment plans for large purchases, which ensure payments year round.

Take this time to take stock and potentially diversify your services for the upcoming year, attempting to close the gap between peak and slow periods to as short as possible.

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