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Let’s Talk SMAC!

March 5th, 2019

Another acronym? Yep! This one is being used more and more to describe the nature of the way we do business during a constantly changing technological landscape.

SMAC stands for: Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud.

Generally defined as “the concept that the convergence of four technologies is currently driving business innovation. SMAC is the basis for an ecosystem that enables a business to transition from e-business to digital business”, it’s virtually impossible to find a functional, operating business that doesn’t engage in at least a few of these practices.

Simply put, the platform known as digital can be segmented into these four categories. They make up the digital arm of a business.

Collaboratively, the goal here is that the information gleaned and communicated through these four pathways would work together to present a united marketing front.

Something we are seeing a lot of rounding the corner of 2018 into 2019 are companies using digital marketing, but not paying equal or enough attention to each of the four facets.

Now, let’s talk about implementing a “SMAC stack”. What are the benefits of effectively utilizing these channels?

  • Monetizing demand -> increased sales
  • Multi-channel commerce becomes the norm
  • Strengthened client engagement
  • Marketing campaigns that WORK
  • Feedback-driven product development


  • To ensure your small business is on the SMAC stack train:
  • Ensure websites, software and all channels are mobile optimized
  • Integrate all social platforms with software platforms whenever possible
  • Collect, converge and USE any and all the data you can get


Big picture example of the SMAC stack at work: when you visit Amazon and it recommends a product you may have searched while in a Google search. Or Netflix suggesting programming based on other things you may have watched on the app. That eerie “how does the internet know before I know” feeling?

That’s the SMAC Attack!

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