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Influencer Marketing

August 7th, 2019

Ever seen a B list celebrity or semi-familiar looking athlete hawking tooth whitening kits, slimming teas or meal plans (to name a few!)? Then you know what influencer marketing is!

Its simple really: a leader who has many followers always has their attention- why not use that perk to sell products?

With our digitally obsessed culture, influencer marketing has become a wildly successful way for new products and services to explode into niche markets with little to no other strategies.

Its like a hyped up version of word of mouth, because the person ‘telling you all about it’ is also a celebrity or expert.

So why aren’t small businesses jumping at the chance for a semi-recognizable star to hawk their wares? Simple: its exorbitantly expensive, with some celebs banking upwards of a million dollars to casually recommend the product or service to their followers.

There are ways, however, to tap into this growing trend, for example, by finding your niche in the blogosphere. Find the group that blogs about your niche and reach out for partnership opportunities.

These bloggers may not be celebrities, but they do carry weight with their followers and will come at a much, much lower cost (if any at all. A lot of bloggers simply like to receive free stuff in exchange for an honest review).

While considering, make sure to touch upon who your audience is, what they like and what do they spend their time doing? Where are they spending their time on the internet?

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, websites and blogs are all places you can seek influencers and run targeted campaigns.

Treat your influencer campaign as you would any other, with set targets that are based upon your end game goals and what you want to achieve.

Working with an influencer promotes brand awareness, heightens engagement, boosts sales, drives up web traffic and can lead to other long term, beneficial promotional relationships.

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