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Local retail stores have a special place in our community.

These privately owned businesses impart personality to the neighborhoods they grace, and they’re often a hub for friends and neighbors as well as a beloved fixture of the community. Smaller, specialty shops offer the quality and character that simply isn’t available in the “big box” stores that litter the landscape.

They also pose a business challenge, often, because it isn’t easy to compete with the big boxes. That’s where having an expert business partner can make all the difference. Presley & Partners offers retail business owners the support they need to be successful, with savvy business and management advice for every kind of issue they face.

From tax planning and outsourced accounting to gross margin analysis, inventory, costing, traffic and marketing issues and even long range plans like thinking about succession, you can trust our experts for the knowledge and insight you need.

Presley & Partners offers you “Best in Class” cloud accounting through Intacct and a supportive partner relationship that works with you to enhance your business’s growth and value. Call or email us today to learn how we can help your business.