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Support for your organization and your mission.

Not-for-profit organizations face their own set of requirements and challenges, from reporting and disclosure requirements to competing for resources and implementing mission-critical service delivery plans. Keeping these organizations strong and successful requires deep commitment and expert support.

Presley & Partners is proud to offer these organizations the help they need to be regulation-compliant and financially stable in any economic climate. Our experience in the non-profit world allows us to provide you with business and management advice, tailored outsourced accounting services and a full slate of organizational accounting support.

Audits, charity tax returns, fund accounting, donation tracking and other specialized services you need are all in a day’s work for Presley & Partners’ experienced advisors. Turn to the experts and let your non-profit organization stay focused on your mission with the confidence that you’ve got the support you need. All your bases are covered with Presley & Partners beside you.