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Taking excellent care of your customers is vital to your success. We can help take the same level of care of your accounting and financial needs.

As you have likely noticed, the tourism is booming in all of British Columbia, and particularly on Vancouver Island. There are more hotels, country clubs, marinas, entertainment facilities and other hospitality-related businesses than ever before. But as is the case for any industry that is cyclical in nature, it is vital to work with an accounting firm that can not only take care of tax compliance, but one that can help you plan for today, tomorrow and into the future.

Our experienced team of professionals work with each hospitality client to understand the unique nature of their business, their short- and long-term goals and how we can bring the most value to the relationship. We advise our clients on how to maximize cash flow and minimize their liabilities, and we stay abreast of the ever-changing regulations that impact the industry. We understand how important it is to keep an eye on inventory controls, pricing and labor costs. And our team is adept at operational and profitability planning and always present financial information in terms you will understand.

Regardless of where your business is in its lifecycle, we can help you make decisions that will ensure it is on a firm financial foundation. So whether you are opening a hotel, looking to pass your marina business on to the next generation or simply want financial and accounting help you can count on, we can help.