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In a market influenced by so many factors outside of your control, having expert help with your finances can make all the difference.

British Columbia is well known for our outdoor industries, and fishing is one of our most legendary. But your average person who sits down to enjoy a lovely blackened salmon dinner often has no idea the hard work that is required to make that meal happen.

We understand the challenges commercial fishing businesses face and can advise you on the best financial decisions to make for your company. Our professionals can work with you to properly plan for cash flow fluctuations due to the seasonal nature of your business and understand the regulatory restrictions, including DFO, and how they can impact your profits. We can even serve as your bookkeeper and manage your day-to-day finances for you as well.

Regardless of the stage of your business, our professionals can help you make informed decisions and explain the financial impact of each one, including acquisitions, financing, growth and operating challenges. We can even help with your succession planning so everything is in place for you to pass your business down to the next generation or sell it to an outside entity.

Whether you are a solo commercial fisherman or the head of a large fishing enterprise, we have the expertise and skills you need to feel confident that your finances are in good hands. That way you can do what you do best and we can too! Contact Presley & Partners to learn more about our fishing industry services.