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Importance of Improving Diversity in the Workplace

March 13th, 2019

If there ever was the ‘right’ time to pay attention to social trends- it’s now. With the growing influence of the “Me Too” movement and the increasing awareness that younger generations are placing on diversity, small businesses should definitely lean into this ideal.

It’s not rocket science- diversity in the workplace is important; perhaps something you already think you are doing great at.  Even if you feel you have a diverse team, there is always room for improvement.

So why is diversity so important?

Often on the list of human resources requirements, one of the key things here is to change the way you see diversity and its role. Viewing it as a pivotal business advantage can solidify its role in your company and make it easier to incorporate.

Diversity can refer to gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religion/cultural preferences or physicality.

In the work place, diversity can increase adaptability and flexibility and naturally generate a pool of ideas with more depth and creativity. And those are just the surface improvements.

Small businesses have the advantage of feeling the improved bottom line faster than a big business- innovation, boosted morale, greater reach and customer connectivity all add up to higher profit margins.

It also plays an important role in establishing the reputation of a small business- the way it hires, employs and treats their staff has become increasingly vital as a reflection on the business itself.

Put quite simply- if a customer feels represented, they will feel more connected. Ever try having a millennial explain things to a baby boomer?  Imagine if you could address customer concerns, while speaking in ‘their’ languages- literally and figuratively.

Overall, diversity breeds inclusivity. Small businesses have the unique opportunity to play a role in a global effort to move away from the stereotypes of the business community, while seeing increases in creativity, innovation, bolstering a stronger bottom line.

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