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Help Your Community, Help Your Business

October 10th, 2018

No one knows better than a small business owner, the importance of community acceptance and support. Understanding the best ways to reciprocate that same support and acceptance is crucial to an entrepreneur.

Small businesses filter money directly back into the community by creating jobs, providing services/products that are in demand, helping to shape the community’s identity.

Small businesses foster personal relationships between business owners and clients, solidify partnerships and seamlessly create interwoven networks with similar goals.

Start local. Get involved in community initiatives and support or even develop your own. Identify something you see as being needed and sponsor a clean-up, fundraiser or rally to raise awareness (and not-so-shamelessly promote your business!).

Consider sponsoring a charity. Do your research and make sure it has clear ties to supporting your community directly. Don’t pick arbitrarily. What you support is a representation of both your business and yourself.

Remembering that giving back can help your business. Claim volunteer hours and donations and receive tax deductions.

Offer Volunteer Days to your employees, encouraging them to use a much needed day off to help others. This is a paid day off, spent helping the community- it’s a win-win!

Involvement in the community promotes awareness of you and your business, paints you in a positive light, and encourages clientele to try you out. Joining the Chamber of Commerce, sponsoring a sports team, or creating a scholarship or fundraising initiative are great ways to start.

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