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April 12th, 2017

Help Your Business Succeed – Hire a CPA!

What CPAs can do for your business

Colleen_E5Q8822Colleen Ellison, Presley & Partners

Want your business to exceed expectations? Hiring a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) is a great way to start.

CPAs can be thought of as long-term partners in your business; we help to keep your business safe, secure and more profitable. Following are just some of the ways CPAs can offer support for your organization.

CPAs can help choose an appropriate legal structure

Sole proprietorship? Partnership? Incorporated company? We can help you decide the most appropriate structure and even recommend a lawyer to document it. As CPAs, we work closely with clients’ legal advisors to help them make the most optimal business decisions.

CPAs can help deal with all aspects of finances

We can help you design and choose an accounting system so financial reporting will be easier. We can help you set up your own system or, if it makes more sense, provide one of our in-house bookkeepers to look after it for you.

And that’s not all . . .

  • We advise on tax deductions. We keep up-to-date on all the latest tax rules to help you reduce your tax burden and avoid a nightmarish tax audit.
  • We prepare your financial statements. We’ll advise you on whether you need a compilation, review or audited financial statements.
  • We help you to understand your financial statements so that they can be an effective tool in helping you make business decisions.
  • We can assist with obtaining financing


CPAs are savvy in tax advising and estate planning

We’ll review your business structure and, if necessary, recommend a restructure if advantageous. We work with our clients and their investment advisors to plan for the future.

CPAs deal with Canada Revenue Agency for tax filings

Tired of dealing with CRA? We help our clients pay all the correct taxes and ensure they’re paid on time. We’ll also advise and guide you through an audit should you ever have one. Trust me, it’s a huge advantage having a CPA on your side!

CPAs are great business consultants

A good accountant will help you make the right decisions, whether it’s a major purchase, a financial investment or a business expansion. A CPA will also advise on the purchase or sale of your business, and can help you navigate the waters business succession.

At Presley & Partners, we are a full-service accounting and financial consulting firm with decades of experience. Let us help you grow your business and reach your goals.

Colleen Ellison is a Chartered Professional Accountant, CGA, CA and Partner with Presley & Partners, CPAs and Business Advisors, in Courtenay, BC. She can be reached at 250.338.1394 or