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Going Green in 2019

June 25th, 2019

Not only does going green in the workplace play a part in sustainability and environmental awareness, but it’s a great way to present an opportunity for employees to feel like they are giving back.

Simple changes around the office can make a large impact and its important in today’s climate that we all play our part. Representing your business as green is a great way to attract a dedicated customer base as well.

If you haven’t yet- start by minimizing your paper use. Anything that can be digitalized needs to be digitalized. Now. The amount of paper waste small business owners burn through is shocking, considering the scale of the operation. If you need to use paper, use recycled and recyclable versions.

Make it easy- set up recycling stations for aluminums, plastics and paper products. Offer three separate bins so that sorting is easy- the easier you make it, the better chance of staff complying.

Try and incentivize your team to play their part- set up a fun rewards system or allot simple prizes for reaching milestones in reducing waste.

Don’t forget about your hazardous waste items like batteries, toner cartridges, and anything else with chemicals. Find a local service that will pick up monthly or look into drop off options. Most Staples and Best Buy stores offer a battery and printer/electronics recycling option in-store.

Have old office furniture and/or supplies? Don’t chuck it in the dumpster- lots of organizations will pick up your used items and refurbish them to be used again.

Don’t forget about energy conservation as part of the plan. Shutting down workstations is something that many employees don’t feel is important- after all- they don’t pay the power bill!

Again, offer gentle encouragement and incentives for shutting off lights and powering down electronics (don’t forget the big stuff like printing devices). Use sleep mode whenever possible or even unplug on the weekends if possible.

It’s 2019- let’s embrace our freedom to work where and when we can. Offer remote work options that help cut down on power use during the week and also encourages less transportation waste. Carpool options should also be embraced or consider a company ride share account that encourages employees to cut down on carbon emissions whenever possible.

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