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Foolproof Ways to Build Your Customer Base

November 28th, 2016

foolproof-ways-nov-editedTalking customer acquisition does not have to be intimidating. After all, it’s mostly common sense, paired with a few tricks of the trade!

The easiest trick? Tap into your current customer base! Ensuring that your clients are also your number one fans creates a buzz without you having to do much. Happy clients spread the word, people love to rehash a service that went above and beyond.

Make sure you are going above and beyond for your current clients- even with growth in mind and new clients as a goal, never neglect what is right in front of you. The driving force behind a happy customer can rarely be matched!

Along these lines, think referrals. Referrals are one of the most commonly employed acquisition strategies worldwide. Why? Referrals are based on mutual trust and respect- leading to a more pressing call-to-action. Having current clients vouch for your services does more than any ad campaign can do.

Consider offering incentives, discounts, or rewards for referrals, incentivizing both the party who referred, as well as the referee.

Forge partnerships with businesses that compliment your own and offer custom-tailored incentives for their clientele. Do a lot of business with one vendor in particular? Perhaps you have a mutual message that can be shared across both platforms, seamlessly allowing you to tap into their customer base.

Be more social! Both media wise, and IRL (that means ‘in real life’ for those not versed in newfangled internet-speak!). Take to social media to launch a campaign that is specifically geared towards customer acquisition. Remember that these platforms are a great way to convert new clients, bring back past customers as well as recruit from your competition.

Troll the Facebook pages of your competition- are there unmet customer needs? Are there disgruntled clients seeking salvation in the form of better customer service? Take advantage of these public forums of complaint and capitalize on their mistakes.

IRL, get out there and be face-to-face. Networking may seem like the thing you never have time for; make time. Meeting people and having personalized discussions is still a top-of-the-list method of customer acquisition. Old school does not mean old hat- many potential clients still value the importance of communication that is not separated by screens.

Offering great customer care is the way you keep a client, so the hard part becomes getting those potential new clients in the door, so to speak. Be a powerful publicist for your business- host an event in your location, or partner with local businesses to host one. Give a speech, join a committee, hold a fundraiser, support a local cause, create a giveaway.

You should always consider your business to be ‘on stage’ whether it be big or small. Speaking to your audience through any and all platforms, in other words, completely canvassing your market, is the most foolproof way to acquire new business.

Once you have the customer in the door, the focus can shift to retention efforts. Though do not forget you should always be driving energy, time, and funds towards new clientele, no matter how many great customers you find yourself with!