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First Time Managers? Read On!

November 20th, 2017

managingRegardless of industry or niche, the recipe for first-time managers is always the same – equal parts exhilaration and total fear!

Stepping into the leadership limelight is definitely something earned, though many of the best tricks of the trade are only learned through experience embracing both the exhilaration, and the fear.

One of the more unexpected tips that seasoned managers say will come with experience is learning to differentiate leadership and management. Leading a team is one thing, while learning to and adequately managing a team, a project or a business is an entirely different one.

Don’t get hung up on all that leadership advice, focus instead on your role, managing.

That being said, don’t completely shut yourself off from the work of others who managed before you! Keep a bag of tips and tricks by your side – imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, so imitate those managers you felt were successful in managing you.

Want to be a good manager? Develop a very thick skin. The phrase, like water off a duck’s back applies here – learn to pick your battles, learn to remain calm in the storm and hope that your dynamic of strength and optimism will start to rub off on your team.

The following breakdown outlines how most managers describe their use of time:

  • Dealing with internal/ people/HR type issues – 25%
  • Motivating team members- 25%
  • Performance reviews and evaluations- 25%
  • Finding and implement support resources and tools- 25%.


As you take on this new role, remember that you are expected to be maintaining each of the above stipulations, and that time management will likely become your toughest hurdle.

Experiment with your scheduling, consider mapping out the week with consideration to each aspect of managerial duties, ensuring that you carve out blocks of time dedicated to each.