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FB Advertising Best Practices

June 28th, 2019

It’s 2019 and yes- Facebook is STILL relevant. Sure, its changed a lot and sure its influences have ebbed and flowed and changed over the years, but at the end of the day, advertising on Facebook is still worthwhile for small business owners.

But its been 15 years since its inception- so its definitely a good time to examine the up-to-date best practices when it comes to Facebook advertising…

After a scandal rocked Facebook in 2017 regarding data sharing, they implemented a new algorithm, aiming to “encourage meaningful interactions between people”. This may not sound like it, but if you are paying attention, this new algorithm could be great for small businesses.

In 2019, it will technically be harder for brands to find their way into your feed, so the challenge here is to make more organic connections, ask for personal referrals and rely on existing personal connections to stay relevant with the new algorithm.

Start by heading into the Settings and updating your template. The new templates are customized to be targeted and to work with the algorithm changes. Also ensure you are utilizing the best call-to-action button function- another new offering on the platform. The CTA buttons are what you see appear like Donate Now, Sign Up, Book Now, Watch Video, etc.

Its time to take a look at your profile image and cover photo as well. These should be professional, polished, and sleek along with eye-catching, relevant and unique. These images are often what will lead potential clients to make a snap decision about your business. Harsh, but true!

The most visited section of a business page profile is the ABOUT page. If this page does not offer up your business in a nutshell while being engaging, helpful and interesting while also answering basic questions, then its not doing you justice. Take some time to research competitors pages or take note of the ABOUT pages on businesses you like or support.

Research is showing that the best performing posts over the last year are video posts, so if that is something that could find relevance on your business page than invest in some polished and professional video content and build it into your posting schedule.

Give it some time- it may feel like since the changes just over a year ago that business pages are not feeling the significance that they were a few years back- but as we have seen, the social media veteran is fighting to keep its place at the table and is continuing to find ways to support small business development.

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