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Experts Weigh In – Is FB or Instagram better for SMB?

March 26th, 2019

Time for a decision, people! That’s right, time to answer that new-age small business inquiry: which one works best, Facebook or Instagram?

Many entrepreneurs wear more hats than they can keep track of and as we constantly strive to cut out time-wasting activities and make the most of our work hours, it makes sense to try and trim up social media efforts.

Small businesses without social media departments often end up employing the talents of a few staff members, contributing when possible to a timeline of posts or pics or sharing articles and engaging with customers.

It can often be something that falls to the wayside during busier months, even though it’s the most important channel to your customer base and should always be kept open and active.

So if you had to pick, which should it be?

Quick tips?

Facebook works best if your business is targeting seniors (age 55+), foreign markets or international clientele, and/or smaller, niche markets.

Typically, choose Instagram if you target millennials (or younger) and/or women.

Experts weigh in stating that when it comes to engagement, Instagram wins the race and boasts a 10x higher rate. It is a better platform for direct messaging and conversations and building strong brand loyalty.

Facebook, meanwhile, offers more unique a la carte options- use different functions for different purposes, every time you post content. Groups on Facebook are also one of the most unique functions that FB offers over Instagram.

If you have a vast, multifaceted customer base or a business with many models/products, then Facebook will be your friend.

Instagram is typically cleaner- more streamlined, easier to navigate and better for businesses with one line of service/product or a well-defined audience or target audiences.

Okay, so maybe the answer isn’t as clear-cut and one is not better than the other. But the pros and cons to each do exist- just take a minute to assess your social media goals and you may find your answer! It comes down to simply figuring out your social media goals and assessing the options- use this article for a quick reference!

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