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Experiential Marketing

June 12th, 2018

marketingsignsYou may be asking yourself, “Is my business really big enough to be thinking about experiential marketing?”. Answer: there is no business too small!

Sales 101: repeat customers are your bread and butter. Right? We spend a lot of time on retention and cultivating relationships that lead to long-term purchasing and lifetime clients.

Okay, let’s back up quickly and answer the burning question- what is experiential marketing? Defined as “innovative and immersive” experiences targeted at extreme visibility. Think pop-up events, installations, group events/meet up’s- anything that gathers people in to an ideal social media-worthy situation.

Done right, experiential marketing is king of cultivating brand loyalty. Basically, a business identifies the customer, then reaches them directly in an experience that they would identify with their own personal brand.

This strategy is all about connection- real, live, engaging connections. Also known as participation marketing, or event marketing this tactic requires a deep dive into research and a real handle of planning and execution.

But that’s not to say that a small business cannot embrace this strategy and start experiencing!

The goal here is attract, engage and convert, as experts say, it’s more about message than product.

What’s a unique aspect of your business? Try to think business as a whole, rather than a product/service you sell. You could start by making a list of your business’s own brand identity. Stick to words or phrases that describe the nature, culture and vision of your business.

Now take these identifiers and try to find something that is a natural fit and something that can really holistically attract people- you will want to play the proverbial fly on the wall and allow the process of engagement to be as natural as possible.

By straying from your typical “try this, we do this, let us do this for you” use the experience to create brand ambassadors- who enjoyed the experience, only at the end to be reminded what the product/service is. They then become more likely to discuss their experience and have created a viral word-of-mouth message.

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