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Creating Collaborations That Work

July 15th, 2019

Collaboration for a small business owner may seem like a gargantuan task that never seems to find its way to the top of the to-do list. But in fact, partnering with others (whether it be businesses, like minded-individuals, clients, users, etc) has powerful growth potential and should slowly make its way up to the top of the list.

It doesn’t have to feel huge- partnerships are about connections and communication. Start with what you have at your fingertips and look at your current client base, your social media following and your local chamber of commerce to find potential.

A good collaboration will inspire you, grow your network, problem-solve, educate and introduce new knowledge, is cost-effective, and organic. What’s not to like?

When considering partnerships seek out complementary products and services, creative parallels and/or local favorites.

Sounds counter-intuitive but even considering partnerships with the competition has proven to be beneficial for both businesses.

Once you’ve found a partner…now what? A few ideas for collaboration:

  • Sponsor a local event together
  • Cross-promote offers or discounts
  • Develop and promote product or service packages
  • Create video content, webinars or ebooks
  • Co-brand a product or service
  • Run a contest together
  • Co-write a newsletter or chain of social media posts
  • Conduct social media take over’s of each others platforms
  • Work out in-trade or swaps that make sense for both parties
  • Collaborate with an influencer- probably 2019’s hottest branding trend.


Make sure to take on a partnership with a person or business you respect and like, and do your research before you jump in bed with anyone! Effective collaborations widen networks, lower overhead marketing costs and produce more creative and inspired content.

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