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Creating a More Productive Workspace – Creatively

March 28th, 2019

One size fits all is no longer the modus operandi in the business world- the trend du jour is creativity: the more innovative and unique, the better!  Gone are the spaces filled with monotony and sterile environments- so let’s bring on the creativity, creatively!

Here’s a list of different tricks and tips for how to step up productivity via creativity:

  • Create communal spaces- whether it be a table that everyone meets at in the mornings or for lunches, or shared offices or work stations encourage staff to spend time engaging in the workplace.
  • Make it movable- workspace fluidity works against feeling rigid or routine- encourage employees to change it up when they are feeling creatively stuck. With desks/chairs/workstations that are mobile, this becomes easy.
  • Nix the hierarchy. Some work places go extreme with this mentality and completely disengage the top down power structure, but it is also something that can be more subtly implemented. Mix up workspaces or rotate through so that the ‘higher up’s don’t have all the ‘biggest and best’ offices or utilize those spaces for communal areas.
  • Ditch the clocks. Stop the whole 9-5, watching the clock mentality by nixing timepieces in the communal spaces.
  • Invite nature into your environment. Plants around the office can do more than just test your green thumb- they are great for wellbeing and positivity.
  • Spread your message. Get your mission and values up and around the space, make their message part of your physical environment and keep teams motivated and on track.
  • Introduce a playful spirit when and where appropriate. We’ve all heard the mythical tales of Google and their focus on fun. While the grandiose nap room and scooters for everyone may not be possible on a small business scale, you can try to bring these ideas in on a smaller scale- nap chair, Pilates balls, a swing/lounger, fun drinks/snacks, cozy kitchen/communal spaces, Friday group activities, ‘spirit week’, etc.


You get the idea- think outside the box and try and incorporate anything that may work, and if it doesn’t stay flexible and try something different. Never underestimate the power of creativity and positivity and how it can affect your staff. Just ask Google!

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