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Conquering Fear of Failure

June 24th, 2016

Truth be told – fear can be immobilizing, crushing and can impact our decision-making at every level.

Remember though, fear can also be highly motivating, inspirational and completely exhilarating when overcome.

Starting a small business carries fear at every step of the way- just getting the thing from conceptual to actualization can be mortifying. Fears are simple obstacles yet to be overcome, especially in business management.

There are many tools and tips and tricks of the trade that can minimize debilitating fears and help you to leap over the obstacles, footloose and fear-free!

Start with a strong foundation based on eloquent and in-depth research. Similar to the drilling down of a business plan, the more knowledge you can build up, the more prepared you will feel. Preparation and readiness limit fearfulness.

Never proceed without a back up plan. Yes, this may sound counterintuitive- aren’t you supposed to believe in yourself and your idea whole-heartedly and without doubt? Sure. But with a contingency plan.

Think of it as a safety net under a tight rope- you may not need it, but you will be damn happy in the event that you do fall!

As an entrepreneur, you should be ready to fail early and often. Its part of the job description- remind yourself of the ramifications of inaction whenever you feel fear or doubt weave their way in and concentrate on the limitations you would suffer if you didn’t push through. Use this as motivation to overcome the fear.

Going outside of your comfort zone is also a common arena for fear to breed. Overcome this by revamping goals so they feel more ‘in the zone’.

Don’t drop them entirely, just modify them.

Many experts say that asking yourself these three questions in the face of perceived failure can help:

  • What lessons did I learn from this?
  • How can I grow from this situation?
  • What are some positive things that came out of the situation?


Failure often feels incredibly personal- as if it was a reflection of who we are and whether we are “good enough”. Asking these questions can help to redirect the fear of failure in future, as you will learn to recognize these obstacles as learning and growth opportunities, rather than personal disappointments.

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