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CEO 101 – Brushing Up on Leadership Skills

December 12th, 2016

leadershipThe phrase “natural born leader” gets thrown around a lot. But what are we really saying, that it is not something that can be taught? Several hundred thousand self-help tutorials beg to differ!

While the innate nature to be a leader may be something some are born with, there are plenty of simple leadership hacks that can help improve your skills.

Remember to be innovative. This may seem like a difficult task, however, innovation and creativity are a huge part of being a successful leader. Think of how Apple rose up through the ranks to become the dominant mega-brand it is today- the answer is innovation.

Good leaders are constantly pushing the envelope, drawing lines and jumping across them, taking risks. Not sure how to establish yourself as an innovator in your market? Do your research!

Join a conference, attend a seminar, stay on top of trends, and be in the forefront of your industry. Even if you choose to have more of a classic aesthetic, it is still vital to stay informed. Information drives innovation.

Linked closely to innovation, and briefly mentioned above is the idea of taking risks. Are we saying you should be the first to jump? Maybe, but maybe not without all the info. Risk taking is only effective when it is calculated. Blindly tackling decisions is reckless- there is a big difference between risky and reckless.

Start small on this one, revisit the basics of leadership 101- be the decision maker and actually make some calls on small projects that have been left lingering. Build up to the big guns by establishing a sense of accomplishment with less impactful decisions first.

Risk taking is an art- allow yourself to train and rehearse and perfect the craft. Making mistakes is all part of the learning process.

Take time to self-assess, be self-aware and never shy away from self-improvement. See a trend here? Striving to be your best self will not only set you up as an authoritative figure, but it promotes motivation and sets ideal standards for others to work towards.

Good leaders are intrinsically good communicators. Working on your communication skills means improving both your interpersonal interactions as well as those conducted online or over the phone.

Best way to assess your abilities as a communicator? Ask your peers, ask your partners, ask your team. Feedback is how you will learn to improve; check your ego at the door!