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Serving Up a Better Result

When Barry Van Dusen of Bri Bar Enterprises bought into the Whistle Stop Pub (Whistle Stop Holdings Ltd.) first as a partial owner in 2003, then taking full ownership in 2009, he knew he’d need some guidance to help him with his latest venture. Luckily, he already had an ace in his back pocket: Presley & Partners. “I’d worked with the team at Presley & Partners for 15 years and knew that they could help me get my new business in proper working order,” says Barry. “Everyone I know who has worked with them as well has also had positive things to say about them, so I knew I’d be in good hands.”

Barry found the process of getting things organized easy, thanks to Presley & Partners. “I’m sure they’ve heard the same sorts of questions over and over, but they are quite understanding and quick to answer my questions. They worked closely with me to ensure I had everything I needed to run my business smoothly and efficiently.” The firm provides Barry with a complete array of personal and business services. And they assisted him through a complete reorganization of the business when he took full control of Whistle Stop.

The result is a popular and thriving pub that serves a loyal contingent of patrons new and old, despite the unfortunate fact that so many similar businesses flounder and fail. “By having the people at Presley & Partners helping me run things in the background, I can be more effective running my pub,” states Barry. “I don’t have to worry that the financials are being done properly or that my returns will be filed on time, and because of that I can focus on my customers and create a more welcoming neighborhood pub.”

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