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Welcoming a New Business to the Community

When Kory Wagstaff, owner and operator of Prime Chophouse and Wine Bar, decided to open his restaurant in Comox Valley, he had more than setting up a new restaurant on his mind. “I was new to the valley and didn’t know too much about the area,” he says. “So along with making sure each aspect of my business was properly executed I needed to learn about the whole area in general.” Kory wanted to work with professionals who could not only help him run his business efficiently, but also help introduce him to the community and help him establish a presence. “I asked around and did some searching and found a group that was well known and respected and was committed to community involvement: Presley & Partners.”MG_0751-376x251

In July 2013, Presley & Partners began working with Prime Chophouse and Wine Bar. The services provided include assistance with bookkeeping, financial statements, support with their Simply Accounting system and ongoing advisory and support when needed. “They came in and provided real structure for our back office, something we really needed to be able to start things off with a bang,” says Kory. In addition to accounting services, Presley has also aided Kory in learning more about Comox Valley. “Their knowledge of the city and the people has been a tremendous asset.”

As a result of working with Presley & Partners before their doors even opened, Prime is a successful restaurant that has cemented its place in the community. Kory couldn’t be more pleased. “We are doing well and I couldn’t be happier with the business service and support we’ve received from Presley.” But for Kory, it’s more than that. “There’s always a business side to the relationship of course. However, my relationship with them is more holistic. They have an awareness of me and
my life and how all of these things work together to impact my business and me on a personal level. Being part of a small community, that sort of relationship is definitely appreciated. They are more than an accounting firm for us.”

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