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Services Exceeding Expectations

Level 10 Eurospa is a full service day spa in British Columbia which offers a wide range of salon and spa services paired with top quality products. They strive to reduce their ecological footprint by practicing environmentally friendly practices, while still fulfilling their commitment to excellence for their customer base. The priority to not only meet but also exceed expectations is one they’ve held since the beginning and one they expect from everyone with whom they work.

E5Q0273-148x118When Level 10 first opened their doors, they needed assistance getting their accounting off the ground. In doing their research, they were directed to Presley & Partners. They contacted the firm because of the great reputation they had in the industry and community at large. Says Leanne, “I had heard good things about them from others in health
and beauty and felt they would be able to help me. We’ve grown together in this industry and they understand my specific needs very well.” Having benefited from the firm’s assistance for over two decades, Leanne knows she can rely on them to stay abreast of the latest rules and regulations that can affect her books.

Since facilitating the smooth transition from sole proprietorship to a limited company, Presley & Partners has provided business advisory services beyond month-end bookkeeping support. “We’ve had issues with labor laws and they helped us to clarify,” says Leanne. “There was some miscommunication of employee classifications from a previous advisor for labor relations. Thankfully, the Presley team caught the errors and was able to provide the correct information, preventing any further issues.” Today, Leanne and Level 10 rely on Presley & Partners for their accounting needs and strategic business advisory. “If I have ideas or decisions to make, I run it by them to get their opinion. They are all wonderful and provide service above what is expected.”

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