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Building A Loyal Relationship

Mike Hamilton Logging Ltd. is, as the name implies, a logging company owned and operated by Mike Hamilton. Centered in Courtenay, BC, Mike and his company provide customers with the logs, materials and services they need for construction projects, wood-based products and even restorations. “Our focus is providing our customers the logs they need, when they need them,” says Mike. Logging can be a challenging industry for some to master, as it is easily affected by booms and busts in the economy. Knowing that he needed someone who could help with keeping his business on track on the back end while he focused on his customers, Mike decided to seek out an accountant.

Having previously worked with an early incarnation of Presley & Partners, Mike was confident that the firm would be able to do what he needed. He soon saw evidence that his hunch was correct: “I was getting the information I needed on a timely basis; they’re excellent at explaining what’s necessary.” From the beginning, Mike has been impressed with the team’s attention to detail, responsiveness and quality of their work. “They were quick to review my company to make sure everything was in order. Their tax team helped me with maximizing my money and made sure I left nothing on the table.” And as his company grew and evolved, so, too, did the relationship with the firm.

For over 30 years, Mike has worked with the people of Presley & Partners. “They’ve always done what they said they would do and have helped guide me through good times and bad,” says Mike. “They know my company inside and out and I know they are always looking for ways to help me grow.” Mike plans to continue to look to Presley & Partners to assist with his tax and accounting needs and provide financial advice, saying, “They are a good group and I would recommend them to friends, family and colleagues alike.”

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