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Keeping Our Financials in Shape so We Can Focus on Keeping Our Clients in Shape


When Megan Penney (r), Megan Cofield (l) and Raida Bolton (c) became partners at BodyNetix Professional Fitness Training, their accounting was already running pretty smoothly. “Presley & Partners was already working with the company when we became owners/partners. Everyone seemed satisfied so we saw no reason to work with anyone else,” said Megan Penney. But while things were fine for the company’s numbers, there was some concern when the original owner decided to leave. “This industry can shift quickly. With an ownership change, we were concerned we might lose a few active members due to client loyalty to the departing owner, which could impact the facility’s bottom line.”


With the ownership in flux and the potential for a loss in membership and revenue, the current partners (Megan, Megan & Raida) looked to Presley & Partners to help keep them focused. “Presley has always been on top of our accounting and provides outstanding financial advice. We felt confident that we were in good shape and always knew where we stood financially and operationally. They were a tremendous help.”


“With the proper direction and insight when we needed it, BodyNetix was able to weather the changes in ownership with minimal disturbance. We not only maintained what was already in place, we also improved in some areas.” Working with the team at Presley & Partners gives the BodyNetixpartners confidence in the business decisions they make for their company. “They truly believe in our business and the work they do for us is valuable. They educate us on trends to watch and possible complications to look out for. Thanks in part to their continued support and business expertise, we are growing at a steady pace and the future looks bright.”

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