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Helping A Not-For-Profit Support the Community

The Comox Valley Family Services Association (CVFSA) works hard to maximize resources and strives for efficiency wherever possible. Since the organization’s funding primarily consists of government grants, foundation gifts and private donations, fulfilling their mandate to support community needs relies on careful management of finances as well as diligence in complying with tax and other regulations affecting the not-for-profit organization. When CVFSA first contacted Presley & Partners a few years ago, they needed help with their year-end audit. Executive Director Gillian Normandin was confident asking for assistance from the firm based on their reputation and a recommendation from another local not-for-profit agency.

“The first thing Presley & Partners did was issue a preliminary letter with very good explanations, detailing who they were and what was required. They let us know exactly what we needed to do to prepare for the audit,” says Normandin. The firm met with CVFSA leadership to review and offer recommendations while the audit was still in draft mode, impressing the not-for-profit with their level of accessibility and communication. “They were very accessible by phone and email during the process. We met with the lead accountant and then also met with the assistant to follow up on any areas they needed to check into for the audit.” The organization could tell that it was getting exactly what it needed, says Normandin, “By the questions they asked, their final report and the audit and presentation at our Board meeting.” Since that original audit, Presley & Partners has continued to serve CVFSA with audits and financial reviews as necessary.

As the relationship has grown, so has the firm’s insight into the organization. “Since we now have a history with them we find they have a clear understanding of our organization, our programming and our needs,” reports Normandin. Overall, the CVFSA has been quite pleased with the relationship. “Their work is excellent. They’ve been available for consult with our admin officer whenever she had any questions, for example regarding the corporate tax return. Our funders are also happy with the final audit report,” Normandin says. “We have found Brenda Kelm to be exceptional in her support – she explains things to our level of financial understanding and has good insight into what can work for us as a non-profit within accounting practices. The firm is approachable, knowledgeable and accurate in their work. I have recommended them to other firms and individuals as well.”

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