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Growing a Successful Business

Eatmore Sprouts & Greens Ltd. is a certified organic farm located in the Comox Valley that provides a variety of fresh sprouts and greens throughout Western Canada. The owners are committed to promoting the purchase of locally grown organic produce and the value of healthier eating to end consumers and local businesses alike. The business began as a partnership between Glenn and Carmen Wakeling and another couple. Says Carmen “At that time, much of the accounting was managed internally by our business partner with an assistant bookkeeper who was trained on the job and as needed we would seek the assistance of an accounting firm.” When the Wakelings took full ownership of Eatmore, they knew they would need assistance to fill in the gaps. “I knew that I had a lot to learn but needed to take full ownership of the financial management role. I was a novice in this department and had a lot to learn,” says Carmen. “I knew I needed some solid help.”

Eatmore-Sprouts-176x118After asking for referrals, Carmen was directed to Presley & Partners. “We brought them on so we could have a local accountant who understood our region better and could be called on quickly for any sudden needs.” Presley & Partners assisted Eatmore with getting their bookkeeping cleaned up and up-to-date, training the internal staff with the Simply Accounting software and facilitating a smooth transition. “As I was new to managing the finances, I needed a great deal of support at the start,” says Carmen. “I knew what I needed but I was unsure how to get it done. Working with Presley, they showed me the ropes and helped guide me into my new financial management role. Plus, they helped give my bookkeeper the support she needed to learn more than she had with the previous financial management system and allowed her to learn how to do what I was asking.” In addition, they sat down with Carmen and Glenn to conduct a review of the company’s records, going through every line item and providing insight as to how Eatmore was performing compared to its competitors in the market.

Today, Carmen is much more confident in her role managing Eatmore’s internal finances. “With Presley’s support and knowledge we were able to easily transition the ownership and I was able to smoothly move into my new role.” Along with standard accounting and bookkeeping support, Presley provides Carmen and Glenn with ongoing financial business advice. No matter how simple or complex their accounting issue, the owners of Eatmore Sprouts & Greens know they have a knowledgeable advocate on their side to provide support and education whenever they are needed. “I’ve really appreciated their consistency, responsiveness and willingness to be there and help us out when needed. Those values are really important to us.”

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