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Generations of Success and a High Comfort Level

When James Graham bought the family jewelry business, Graham’s Jewellers Ltd., from his father in 1988, Presley & Partners was already a known quantity to him. His father had worked with Murray Presley to handle the company’s accounting needs and James had gone to school with Colleen Ellison, who began taking care of financial matters for James as the new owner. James says he had no anxiety about the accounting angle when it was time for him to assume the reins: “They’re good to work with. I’ve known them so long and I know them personally, so it’s a nice easy working relationship.” He knew he could count on the firm to serve him well, saying, “They are very professional. They give good advice and do a great job.”

Business succession is a time often fraught with stress and strain, but for the Grahams, it was no problem. Right from the outset, James knew he was in good hands. He says, “They helped with the transition from my dad to me when I bought the business from him. They made the transition easy and helped me from the beginning with good advice.” In the years that James and his father before him have run the business, much has changed. Economic ups and downs create strong variations within the jewelry industry, and all communities change over time along with their business climates. Through all the changes of the years James has remained confident, relying on sound advice and support from Presley & Partners. “They understand the business – they have to understand most industries that their clients deal with. They aren’t working in the business, but I think they understand how business works in general.”

As any business owner knows, positive relationships and trust make a big difference in the feelings experienced each day. A stable, personal relationship with trusted financial advisors puts James’ mind at ease and removes the anxiety from an area that many people find stress-inducing. He says, “It’s a comfortable situation when you walk into an accountant’s office and you know them personally. Some people might cringe when they go to their accountant’s office but it isn’t that way with me. I enjoy going in to see them whenever I have a question.” He wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Presley & Partners to others who need business advisory or accounting services, neatly summing up the most important fact in just a few words: “They do a great job over there!”

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