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Finding the Perfect Fit


H20 Environmental Ltd. provides services and products that help keep the groundwater of Vancouver Island clean and safe. When the company had been in operation for about a year, H20’s owners, Elaine Head and Steven Carballeira, decided it was time to get on track with their accounting and bookkeeping procedures as well as making sure everything was in line for taxes and examining the structure of the corporate stocks. “We’d had an unsuccessful experience with the first accounting firm we tried and were looking for someone who was truly a professional with a wide knowledge base,” says Elaine.

The first thing Elaine did was to make a list of all the accounting firms in Comox Valley and then narrow it down to a list of firms that provided the sort of professional assistance she needed. Next, she set out to see which ones were active in the community. “I found that Presley & Partners volunteered regularly and that they were active in different projects to better the community in general. That sort of commitment says a lot about a firm.” In addition, Elaine was impressed by the awards they had received, some for professional excellence and others for service. “We set up an initial meeting and quickly knew that not only were they a good fit professionally, they were a great fit with us culturally.”


Having made the choice to work with Presley & Partners, the first official step was a very long and productive meeting to go over all the details of where H20 needed help within their business. “We brought a lot of our records and a laptop with our accounting program, our incorporation documents including stock certificates, etc.,” says Elaine. “We sorted out which bookkeeping accounts needed to be added, separated or deleted and the best way to break down our services. Next came a meeting with one of Presley & Partners’ back office specialists.” From there, the pieces began to fall into place.


Since bringing Presley & Partners into the fold to help, Elaine has been able to breathe easy knowing H20’s accounting is well looked after. “Everyone is very helpful, accessible and pleasant to work with.” Even when she asks seemingly strange questions, Elaine knows that the entire team at Presley & Partners will be patient and do everything they can to help her find answers. “I also have to mention the team at the front desk. Even though they don’t handle my accounting work, they’ve also been amazingly helpful and are perhaps some of the nicest people you will ever meet.” She’s also a fan of Presley & Partners’ monthly newsletter, Business Advantage. “I find the information very helpful in keeping us abreast about the latest in Internet security, marketing H20_1and other important topics.” Overall, Elaine is quite happy with her choice of accountants. “We recommend Presley & Partners to business associates and friends with confidence, knowing that they will not be disappointed. Not only do they have an excellent understanding of providing accounting assistance to professional services and businesses like ours, they are also a joy to work with.”

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