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Comox Valley Glass: Finding a Better Match


Comox Valley Glass is a full-service glass shop that has been assisting homeowners, builders and property management companies for over 35 years. As the company has continued to grow over time, so too have their financial and accounting needs. For several years the owners, Ian Russell and Chris Rivers, worked with an accounting firm to help them make sense of the numbers and keep their upward trajectory. “We weren’t happy with the accountant we were working with,” says Chris at Comox Valley Glass. “They were doing an okay job but we felt like the numbers could be better and we could be receiving better insights.”


When they needed help with a valuation on a business they were acquiring, they decided to reach out to Presley & Partners for help.
“The first thing they did was a thorough review of our books,” says Chris. “They found instances where we could make some small changes that would result in significant returns for the company.” Additionally, they helped them reorganize the company and do some tax planning so they could acquire the business in which they were interested without incurring any additional tax burden.


Comox Valley Glass now knows they have an accountant they can trust and rely on in Presley & Partners. In addition to the normal year-end tax work, they also work closely with their internal bookkeeper on a monthly basis. “They really understand our company and what can help drive our success.” Though Chris says Comox Valley Glass was worried about repeating past mistakes, Presley & Partners helped them feel at ease with their choice. “We feel safe and secure with our accounting now, something we didn’t necessarily feel before. It’s a great change for us and we look forward to continuing to work with them.”

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