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A Solidly Constructed Relationship

Noel Chaboteaux is a widely known and well respected community leader in the Comox Valley. He’s also the owner of Valley Drywall, a longstanding, very successful construction company serving the area, and Ocean View Enterprises, his holding company. Noel has a busy life as a business owner, husband, civic leader, devoted father and grandfather to many children. With such a lot of demands on his time and attention, Noel is happy to have one area under full control: when it comes to financial services and business advisory, his bases are covered. Presley & Partners and its predecessor firms have been there to provide full bookkeeping, accounting, business consulting, investment advisory and asset management services along the way. He says, “I have been a happy client of Presley & Partners since the 1970’s. I always pride myself and my company on being experts in the trade; however, my accounting skills have always required some professional assistance.”

Over his long career, Noel has had to weather plentiful ups and downs and seen a lot of change. That never worried him excessively, though: “Having Presley & Partners working with my company has always given me confidence that my business is in good hands. Previously I had used various accounting agencies but never had the positive experience and personal connection that I felt and continue to feel with Presley & Partners.” The day-to-day challenges of running a business don’t pose a threat to Noel or his business, either. He says, “Presley & Partners are always quick to respond to any questions or inquiries that I bring forward. Their communication is excellent and I have always found them to be great at listening and responding to my needs. Having Presley & Partners provide payroll assistance, I am assured that my employees receive accurate compensation for the services that they provide my company. Payroll is definitely a much smoother process with them on board, and I am even able to take time away from my business knowing that Presley & Partners have my company’s best interest in mind. My accounts are always up to date and I certainly have less stress when it comes to organizing and preparing for tax season.”

For more than three decades, Valley Drywall and Presley & Partners have grown together, building very strong personal relationships as well as an enduring professional bond. Noel says, “Over the past 30 plus years my business has grown in many ways. Presley & Partners have been there along the way providing me the flexibility yet consistent support that I have needed. Because of the peace of mind that having Presley & Partners as part of my business team offers, I have more time to focus on the quality of the work that my company provides to my customers. I would and have recommended Presley & Partners and the friendly staff that work there to anyone who is looking for a solid, dependable and knowledgeable accounting company.”

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