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A Long Running Business Relationship

Island Timber Frame Ltd. is a manufacturing company that specializes in designing and supplying pre-cut, test-fitted timber and glued laminated timber (glulam for short) structures. They pride themselves in blending the careful workmanship of generations past with the latest technologies to provide their customers with well-engineered homes that are durable and environmentally friendly.


Owners Stefan Pletscher and Paul Schaffhauser understand the importance of quality work and understand that people have high expectations when they spend their hard-earned money. So when they also find vendors and other professionals who adhere to these principles, they stay with them. A little over a decade ago, they were working with an accountant in a local firm. When that firm decided to close its doors, they followed her to her new employer, Presley & Partners. “We’d worked with Kristi Meier at the other firm and know her work to be good,” says Stefan. “Presley & Partners has a very good reputation, so we knew the good work would continue.”

Over the years, Island Timber Frame has relied on Presley & Partners to assist them in all facets of their business including QuickBooks support, financial statements and corporate and personal tax returns. The firm has also assisted Paul and Stefan with reorganizing their company to facilitate succession planning as the business has evolved. “We know that whenever we have any concerns or questions we can go them and they’ll be there to help,” says Stefan. “They are lovely to work with, knowledgeable and professional – a good business relationship.”

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