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Building a Social Media Marketing Plan

August 14th, 2017

marketing-socialmedThere is one most important factor here- it’s not rocket science- it’s simple. It’s the common sense commodity of planning ahead.

This is almost always the step that small businesses skip over, and then wonder later on, where they went wrong.

It is vital to begin your plan, with a plan and to ask and answer questions before you sign up for anything. Really, we mean it! Anything.

Concept is key here, and in order to define where you want to maximize impact through social media, ask yourself:

  • What is the goal or objective of adding social media to our existing marketing agenda? Is it long-term, multi-platformed, short and sale-oriented? You may tweak and work this many times over, so it’s wise to build out a calendar for the upcoming year, and lay plans into it, with roll out dates and end games.
  • Where am I and what am I doing? Sounds like someone’s lost! Well, it’s true- social media is overwhelming and it’s easy to feel that way. Audit your practices and then compare them to the industry standards of your market- are you utilizing what your competitors are? How could you do it differently? Can you identify any niche’s that are lacking in attention?


Now that you have a goal-oriented plan, let’s step it up and do some hardnosed research. Even if you know your plan will utilize only a few of the available platforms, industry knowledge on what’s out there never hurt anyone.

You never know when your plans may take a new direction and being armed with an arsenal of knowledge will no doubt impress your millennial staff!

The selection process is where you need to really focus. Carefully curated content takes time and energy; both are wasted when you are plastering them in the wrong channels. Oversaturating, or blanketing is also a waste of time because social media takes a lot of time.

Don’t race to the finish here, really take the time to see what your audience is using, how they are engaging and what will be the most beneficial for your campaign.

Once you are up and running, just remember that the nature of social media is fluid- it’s in constant flux. You should be observing, tweaking and adjusting things along the way. A constant, consistent message is the directive, one post a day won’t cut it. You need to be engaging customers, current, new or old, if you want to feel the effects.