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Best Ways to Connect With B2B Buyers

June 4th, 2019

It seems counterintuitive, but the more channels we have to connect with an audience, the less connecting we seem to do. With so many ways to communicate these days, it’s harder than ever to nail down what works for your business.

Imperative to your business success is your relationship with business-to-business buyers- a very niche part of your audience, but a very influential one as well.

The trend in B2B buying these days is moving towards a group mentality. Groups of buyers, as opposed to one person- meaning you have to connect with several people, rather than one. That is an added challenge for a small business owner!

In an increasingly competitive environment, reaching out to your leads early is one of the most tried and true ways to remain at the top of your game. Get. There. First.

Buyer groups like to collect their materials and sources their options before making a decision, so if you miss the window on submission, it can be rough to even get considered.

Never slack on replying to inquiries from B2B consultants. For the same reasons as above, when they reach out, they are showing active interest. If you slack on the reply, its guaranteed that someone else will swoop in and knock you out of the running. Don’t miss out on active interest- it’s the best lead you’ve got!

Consider how you are making contact with buyers.  A recent survey showed that 80% of buyers preferred email communication, with less than half preferring phone calls. Interestingly, only 21% said they actually listen to voicemails or messages- pro tip- skip leaving a message!

As always- timing is everything!

Keep in frequent contact across all channels- loop into all your potential buyers’ social media accounts, make sure you are getting email newsletters and updates so you don’t miss big announcements.

An article on claims:

“Buyers are more likely to respond to sellers’ outreach if they:

  • Have a pre-existing relationship with vendor: 61%
  • Have bought from the vendor previously: 60%
  • Have heard of the vendor’s company: 58%
  • Provider referred to me by someone inside my company: 57%
  • We know people in common: 49%
  • Provider referred to me by some-one outside my company: 49%

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