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Artificial Intelligence in the Small Business World

May 24th, 2018

artificialA.I. – sounds scary. Sounds like technology that will take over and sounds like something that small businesses would not want any part of… is it though?

Experts say, never fear! Embrace that A.I. is here- even in small companies!

Here are five ways that small business owners can learn to love the A.I. revolution:

Have them play coach! HR training is notably, one of the least favorite jobs. No one wants to repeat themselves over and over again, answer the same questions and basically drift into a dull oblivion. But robots? They don’t mind! Utilize artificial intelligence as training tools. There are apps out there already that are designed to monitor, evaluate and manage sales strategies, one employee at a time. You will save both time and money with this route, plus, bonus- no boring trainings!

Identify and address customer expectations. That’s right, some of the grunt work can easily be put on the desk of A.I. Essentially, allowing A.I technology to know more about the customer than they know about themselves allows for predictability, statistical evaluation at an earlier stage and identification of challenges and successes, faster, smoother and more accurately then we could do it on our own.

Use it to spy on your neighbors. Just kidding- we mean use it to spy on your competition. Put away the binoculars and end those Google Alerts- artificial intelligence can man this ship and tell you everything your adversaries are working on- updating swiftly and accurately. Interested in espionage? Check out Crayon- and take yourself out of the spy game!

Revolutionize your employee experience. You know the saying, your people are your best asset- though, what have you done for them lately? Probably a lot, to be honest, but with artificial intelligence you can single handedly return to running operations and let the robots take over. Chatbots are steadily replacing HR situations, often encouraging more honestly from employees on sensitive issues and offering 24/7 coaching and connection.

Assistance anyone? An assistant is usually a much-needed, never-going to-happen type situation when it comes to smaller companies. With AI, you can create a digital assistant, best used as client connectors that are programmed to continue to provide engagement and interaction.

Are we saying go out and buy a robot with a brief case? Certainly not. Are we saying that some of this is safe, relatable and most of all, a way to make operations smoother while keeping costs down and people happy? Yes.