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A.I. in HR in 2019

February 12th, 2019

Artificial intelligence is set to pave new roads in most business trends, across industries, in 2019. One of the biggest places we will see an impact is in the Human Resources sector.
While A.I. trends bring with them an innate inhuman character, there are some ways that this tech-reliant trend can be very applicable specifically to a small business owner.

What are some of the trends we might see in 2019?

Not quite new to the market, feedback tools are going to see an increase in utilization in the New Year. Feedback has become a critical performance measurement for both the employee and the employer. Expect to see businesses, big and small alike, adopt this trend more whole-heartedly. Smart analytic tools are the way to keep data flowing in, to keep employee satisfaction at a high and to keep productivity at a consistent pace.

Examples: Impraise, Officevibe, and CulturAmp.

Blind hiring will see a rise in popularity as well, as we continue to navigate the boundaries between the personal and the technological business environment. Blind hiring is the practice of employing technology to pre-screen and work through the hiring process, with the ultimate goal of removing bias. Recruitment software can be customized and targeted to each job search and (theoretically) cull the best candidates in the ‘on paper’ category. You may not want to remove people from your hiring process entirely, but utilize software to cultivate a more qualified crop of diverse candidates.

Examples: Hundred5, Entelo, Blendoor, Textio

Blended teams and remote work forces have moved into the forefront of HR trends, and now with that becoming a norm, we find ourselves looking for ways to train and develop these teams. Artificial intelligence will provide some tools that allow employers to stay connected with these diversified teams of employees to ensure that training and development don’t get lost in the shuffle. Think ‘virtual academies’, classrooms, teachers and coursework that is administered in real-time settings.

Examples: Scoro, iDoneThis, Pukkateam, Wunderlist

We aren’t in the robots-take-over phase just yet, but be prepared for 2019 to bring some real revolutionary changes to light and start embracing them.

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